Saturday, June 25, 2011

Attention Photographers!!!

I was alerted to this by my piano teacher, whose daughter enjoys photography as well, so everyone say "Thank you, Mrs. H!"

For what, you say? If you are the type of person who is most often found in free time with camera, or are not satisfied with just one picture, or just maybe that you spend more time editing pictures than reading your favorite blogs while you are on your computer- well then, maybe this is for you.

I realize that ya'all don't have a chance with me entering. Not one. Nor do those million other great photographers. (I'm being silly now.) Well now. The grand prize is a HP mini computer and a photosmart printer, and 20 second place winners win 20 8x11 photobooks. But even if you don't win--- you can still get a free softcover photobook if you enter in all the colors. Confused? Check out this.
Color Your Summer   by snapfish.

The coolest thing is that each week they have a new color. I entered the blue (last week,) and green (this week.) But I wasn't alerted to it until just yesterday in an email, (again, thank you, Mrs. H.) so I uploaded four (you can do up to five photos for each color!) for each.  So I thought I would let ya'all know. Right?
Hmm. You can't very well have a photography blog without doing some pics with each post, right? So, I figured that I would do the ones I entered yesterday. Here goes.
The four green ones
 This was taken... funny, at my piano teachers house just recently, like two weeks ago.
I love the focus on this one. I love how it blurs and just everything in this picture. It seriously couldn't have turned out better.

 A homemade swing set/playhouse that I took at a friends house. I <3love<3 the lighting.

 This pic I took over Easter. My cuz Kelsey. I love the old shed in this one. I  liked it better in an antique black and white, but you know, then I  couldn't have entered it. =D

My blue photos

I reeeeeaaaalllllllllllyyyyyy like this one. Especially the shadow of her. And the difference of the ocean and sky in the background. And the white wave. And the way the picture is... hmmm. I can;t think of the word. Depth, maybe?=D This was taken in February (notice the sweater) at Myrtle Beach. (It was cold!)

Oooooh, I love this one. totally. Although I just realized a few minutes ago that I forgot to crop out the bottom of it- the railing. This was taken off the eighth or ninth floor (Again, I can't remember!!!) in Myrtle Beach. Beautiful view. This was taken by our door, but we also had a balcony that was just as cool, and I got some pics of the city off that one.

 Big Sandy TX- right before bed, right before the storms hit.  I love the way the trees are angled and the sunlight and the few little clouds.

Ellie. How could anyone guess- by looking at this picture- what her favorite color is???
Well ya'all. Hope you go over there and check it out! Let me know if you did- and if you decide to post your pictures, let me know so I can see too!
Have a great day everyone. God Bless!


  1. Good Luck Ashlyn. Hope you win.....even if you don't, you're having fun entering your pics.

    I might be a little're talented!

  2. good luck ashlyn! :D

    i loved the swing pic - makes me remember my childhood days..and the pic of the sky in Big Sandy,TX! i love staring up at the sky especially when it's not too hot outside..the clouds just give me this "free" feeling like that of the birds.


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