Wednesday, June 1, 2011

::summer days::

Summer days are for riding your bike... in your swimsuit.
 little accident, Bubs?

    Ellie: yeah, she loves a lot of things: but nothing quite like pink.
     Classy: eating watermelon, on your bike, barefoot, in your modest swimsuit? Not caring about anything else in this world besides getting down that driveway safely.

 summer days are for birds.
Ellie... sure, she's a princess. She loves to be treated royally. She can't stand doing dishes. She gets grossed out at anything gross. Yet, underneath all that delicacy, is a little tomboy. She's discovered that you can't just "ride your bike." Both feet off to one side. Standing up with one leg off to the side. Standing on the bar. And eating watermelon while you are riding. oh yeah. 

She still smiles.

 Summer Days are for Evening Sunlight.
 Summer Days are for drinking iced tea. On the Porch. Andy Griffith Style.

 Summer Days is for Growing.

 Summer Days ae for being a daredevil.

And funny looks. 

 Daniel was sitting next to me on the porch and he was thoughtfully eyeing my camera strap. He asks, "Ashlyn, what does that say?" I said, "Olympus."
He then inquires the inevitable question: "What does that mean?"
I replied: "That's who made the camera. Olympus. That's what they call them."
And a moment pause- and with a serious air while fingering my strap, asks, "But do they still call them cameras?"

Summer Days are for photos.

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